Introduction to Customer Journey Analytics

Introduction to Customer Journey Analytics

- [Trevor] Hey, this is Trevor Paulson from the Adobe Analytics product crew. I’m gonna stroll you through three films nowadays. The first video is gonna display you purchaser adventure analytics, a today’s product for Adobe Analytics clients, that lets in you to leverage the Adobe Experience platform in bringing together all your customer data in one location for reporting. The second video is set how we connect these datasets collectively, leveraging the strength of Adobe Experience Platform.

The third video will display you how to prepare those datasets for reporting in Analysis workspace, the use of facts views. Let me show you the way thrilling and amazing it’s far to have all your information in one region in reporting in Analysis workspace. You can see right here in my assignment, I’ve got masses of various datasets from my customers. I’ve were given ad influence statistics, analytics information, electronic mail information, factor of sale, name middle survey facts, now all on this one task for me to work on.

You can see, I can now see new lingo. I’ve were given events, sessions, and those, rather than the traditional occurrences, visits, and unique site visitors, and I can now run analysis that spans all of these datasets together. So you may see I’ve got my on line and my in-store sales trended, all coming from a unmarried sales metric with exclusive filters, giving me the exceptional places they got here from. I’ve got e mail response costs, trended key metrics, you could see I’ve got point of sale with limitless breakdowns, or even a histogram of survey customer pleasure rankings.

Where Analysis workspace truly shines in this cross channel records is in its capacity to connect throughout the humans. I can now do a venn diagram displaying what number of humans bought from our name middle, from in our save, or on line, or all 3 on the same time, displaying the overlap of my clients and wherein they’re attractive with my logo. I can also attribute activities that manifest in a single information set to attributes that occurred in some other, so in this situation, you can see I’ve were given my shop region, which got here from my point of sale statistics set, and my name middle time, which got here from my call center information. And I’m capable of see, one towards the other, and now not most effective that, I can do limitless breakdowns much like I normally would in analysis workspace with the aid of dragging inside the name cause, I can see that Salt Lake City has lots of refunds and customer complaints inside the name middle.

Amazingly, we are able to join that collectively to help you try this evaluation and find out those insights that would commonly take a long term to parent out. With this information now connected, I can do advertising channel attribution in a way that I’ve in no way been capable of do before. You can see I actually have orders and sales, however this isn’t simply my online orders or my online sales, that is my omni-channel orders and sales from any region that a consumer may want to purchase. So I can see how many orders are coming from our electronic mail channel, however that’s orders, whether they went to the shop, they referred to as the call middle, or bought on-line.

I can now see sales, using attribution IQ, across all of my contact factors, which includes display commercials and my on line interactions as well. I also can do fall out, so that you can see how many human beings are visiting the website, then transferring to a degree of sale self take a look at out, then calling in with a client criticism, and section that through point of sale store region. Amazingly, all of this data’s linked through the power of the Adobe Experience platform, to help me tie the consumer adventure together. Finally, you can see I’ve got this flow diagram showing how often humans are moving from the decision middle, to then seeing a show advert, to then buying some thing in the store, once more, connecting throughout the complete patron adventure, and permitting me to do deep, deep analysis that I wouldn’t were able to do earlier than.

In our next video, I’m gonna display you ways we truely related these kind of statistics assets together, leveraging the energy of the Adobe Experience platform.

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